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Named after the Greek God of Dreams, morpheus is a reactive type-safe Scala DSL for MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, MariaDB, Oracle and Sybase. We choose this name as it is the dream DSL for any Scala/SQL user, finessed to perfection up to the Websudos quality standard you've gotten used to. Also, morpheus stands for morphing. With the single switch of an import, morpheus will perform a full feature swap from MySQL to OracleSQL for example. It doesn't have a query compiler, instead it entirely mimics the functionality the database has.

We've taken it up ourselves to produce the highest quality database integration tooling for all Scala users, currently hitting that bar for Cassandra and Neo4J. But why stop there?

Using morpheus

The current version is: val morpheusVersion = 0.2.3.

Morpheus is actively and avidly developed. It is not yet production ready, so trial at your own risk.

Table of contents

  1. Design philosophy
  2. Integrating Morpheus
  3. Supported databases and documentation

  4. Support
  5. Copyright

Design philosophy

You're probably wondering how Morpheus fairs compared to the more established players in the Scala SQL market and why we set out to do something new in the first place. To sum it up, we believe Slick is an excellent tool but we do not believe you should learn about our abstractions to get things done. A DSL should auto-magically encode the same syntax and the logic as the tool it's designed for.

Instead of learning about primitives and rules we thought of to abstract away discrepancies between the various SQL implementations, Morpheus features a unique approach, what we call the auto-magical flip. Although at this point in time only MySQL is supported, Morpheus is designed to give you an "all-you-can-eat" buffet through a single import.

As follows: import com.websudos.morpheus.mysql._.

And done, you can now define tables, query and so on. Say you have something like this: eqs "test"). DISTINCTROW doesn't exist in the Postgres SELECT statement syntax, but it's a standard thing as far as MySQL is concerned.

Here's how Morpheus operates:

If you change the top level import to: com.websudos.morpheus.postgres._ and you try to compile the same distinctRow query. But there will be none. The method will simply not exist. Morpheus has now auto-magically performed a full feature swap, changed communication protocol and all underlying settings, and all you get now is Postgres features.

How? Quite a lot of fun magic under the hood, have a look throughout our decently documented codebase for more information. The beauty of it is that you don't have to care. Slick makes it easy to move from one SQL database to the other with less code changes, but if you're well set on a database you already know and love, it may be counter productive to have to learn about a framework when you could use Morpheus and all you need is IDE auto-completes to get lightning fast development productivity.

Oh, and did we mention it's entirely asynchronous and reactive? No JDBC.

Integrating Morpheus

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Morpheus is designed to give you an all-you-can eat buffet through a single import, so all you really have to do is to pick the module corresponding to the database you want to use. At this point in time only MySQL is supported.

If you are using MySQL, you would simply use the following:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.websudos"  %% "morpheus-mysql"                % morpheusVersion

And then you can: import com.websudos.morpheus.mysql._, which will give you the full set of MySQL methods and features without any overlaps or unsupported operations. Morpheus guarantees you can almost never write an invalid SQL query unless you try really really hard.

Available modules

The full list of available modules is:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.websudos"  %% "morpheus-dsl"                  % morpheusVersion,
  "com.websudos"  %% "morpheus-mysql"                % morpheusVersion,
  "com.websudos"  %% "morpheus-postgres"             % morpheusVersion


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Morpheus was developed by us from scratch in an attempt to evolve the SQL tooling in the Scala ecosystem to the new level and bring in fully reactive database access while preserving the complete SQL syntax you are used to.

Commercial support

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We, the people behind phantom run a software development house specialised in Scala and NoSQL. If you are after enterprise grade training or support for using phantom, Websudos is here to help!

We offer a comprehensive range of elite Scala development services, including but not limited to:

We are big fans of open source and we will open source every project we can! To read more about our OSS efforts, click here.


Morpheus Enterprise is an upgraded version of Morpheus which includes several extremely powerful features that will not be available in the open source version, including and not limited to:


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Copyright (c) 2012 - 2015 websudos.