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Reactive type-safe Scala driver for Apache Cassandra/Datastax Enterprise

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If you use phantom, please consider adding your company to our list of adopters. Phantom is and will always be open source, but the more adopters our projects have, the more people from our company will actively work to make them better.


Migrating to phantom 2.0.x series

The new series of phantom introduces several key backwards incompatible changes with previous versions. This was done to obtain massive performance boosts and to thoroughly improve user experience with phantom.

Read the MIGRATION GUIDE for more information on how to upgrade.

Available modules

This is a table of the available modules for the various Scala versions. Not all modules are available for all versions just yet, and this is because certain dependencies have yet to be published for Scala 2.12.

Phantom OSS

Module name Scala 2.10.x Scala 2.11.x Scala 2.12.0
phantom-connectors yes yes yes
phantom-dsl yes yes yes
phantom-jdk8 yes yes yes
phantom-sbt yes no no
phantom-example yes yes no
phantom-thrift yes yes no
phantom-finagle yes yes no
phantom-streams yes yes no

Phantom Pro subscription edition

Modules marked with “x” are still in beta or pre-publishing mode.

Module name Scala 2.10.x Scala 2.11.x Scala 2.12.0
phantom-dse yes yes yes
phantom-udt yes yes yes
phantom-autotables x x x
phantom-graph x x x
phantom-spark x x x

Using phantom

Scala 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12 releases

We publish phantom in 2 formats, stable releases and bleeding edge.

How phantom compares

To compare phantom to similar tools in the Scala/Cassandra category, you can read more here.

Latest versions

The latest versions are available here. The badges automatically update when a new version is released.

Tutorials on phantom and Cassandra

For ease of use and far better management of documentation, we have decided to export the to a proper Wiki page, now available here.

The following are the current resources available for learning phantom, outside of tests which are very useful in highlighting all the possible features in phantom and how to use them.

This is a list of resources to help you learn phantom and Cassandra:

Issues and questions

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We love Cassandra to bits and use it in every bit of our stack. phantom makes it super trivial for Scala users to embrace Cassandra.

Cassandra is highly scalable and it is by far the most powerful database technology available, open source or otherwise.

Phantom is built on top of the Datastax Java Driver, which does most of the heavy lifting.

We are very happy to help implement missing features in phantom, answer questions about phantom, and occasionally help you out with Cassandra questions! Please use GitHub for any issues or bug reports.


Here are a few of the biggest phantom adopters, though the full list is far more comprehensive.

Starbucks CreditSuisse ING UBS Wincor Nixdorf Paddy Power Strava Equens Pellucid Analytics Anomaly42 ChartBoost Tecsisa Mobli VictorOps Socrata Sphonic Microsoft

License and copyright

Phantom is distributed under the Apache V2 License.

If you would like our help with any new content or initiatives, we’d love to hear about it!


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Phantom was developed at outworkers as an in-house project. All Cassandra integration at outworkers goes through phantom, and nowadays it’s safe to say most Scala/Cassandra users in the world rely on phantom.


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Special thanks to Viktor Taranenko from WhiskLabs, who gave us the original idea.

Copyright © 2013 - 2017 outworkers.

Contributing to phantom

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Contributions are most welcome! Use GitHub for issues and pull requests and we will happily help out in any way we can!